In a world where acceptance and self-love are paramount, the film ‘Unicorns’, starring Bohemian Rhapsody’s Ben Hardy and rising star Jason Patel, emerges as a beacon of hope and self-discovery. In a conversation for Queerly’s Stage and Screen Podcast and Harvey’s Brunch Club, Jason speaks about the power of representation, and the essence of embracing one’s true self.

Jason Patel’s Journey to ‘Unicorns’

When asked about his involvement with the project, Jason candidly shared, “so in a weird way my friend sent it to me, the open casting on Twitter and I was like, this is my moment, long story short… and I have everything in my power to be involved.” He expressed, “I went through quite a rigorous audition process… for the people that are listening that don’t know how you get a role, there’s a thing called a chemistry test and chemistry is something you either have or you don’t have with your co-star, something that me and Ben just kind of like had, which was fantastic.”

Inspiration and Self-Discovery

Reflecting on his early experiences, Jason Patel reminisced about his first time on a live film set, he said “I remember I was doing my first ever job – I booked was a commercial. I was really young and I just remember I was like, wow, like this is amazing and I was working with a really cool director and like the cast and I was the main character in this commercial so I remember that was a whole day and I just thought, you know, this is what I’m meant to be and this is what I’m meant to do.”

Embracing Individuality and Self-Acceptance

Sharing advice on self-acceptance, Jason emphasised, “My one piece of advice is don’t apologise for who you are. When you stop asking for permission from other people, you will blossom… I think we care so much in society today about, like, what other people think about us, but actually, yeah, we don’t care, and we stop caring, and we just stay present in the moment, and we’re happy, and we’re being who we are, you know, and we don’t apologise for it, we blossom, and you’ll just unlock this, like, absolute happiness with yourself, it’s magical.”

Unicorns stars Ben Hardy  (left) and Jason Patel (right) | Image courstesy of Tiff
Unicorns stars Ben Hardy (left) and Jason Patel (right) | Image courstesy of Tiff

A Heartfelt Reflection

In a poignant moment, Jason Patel shared advice to his younger self, “I would say, Jason, you should have come out to your family a lot sooner. Because, you know what, I felt like once I came out… I was able to allow them to show all of me, which is amazing, and kind of let me, like, find myself, which is good, and I’m, I mean, I’m grateful that I came out as early as when I did, like in my teens, but honestly, if I did when I was, like, a child, it would have been amazing, you know.”

As ‘Unicorns’ graces the silver screen, Jason’s journey stands as a testament to resilience, self-discovery, and the celebration of individuality. Listen to the full conversation on Queerly’s Stage and Screen Podcast below:

Unicorns is in cinemas in the UK and Ireland from 5th July 2024. You can catch the film early in limited Vue cinemas across the UK this month as part of their Pride Season.