Category: London Film Festival 2023

Film Review: Saltburn

Director Emerald Fennell takes viewers on a voyeuristic journey into the world of upper-class privilege. Set against the backdrop of Oxford University, the film follows the story of Oliver Quick, a struggling student who is drawn into the eccentric world of the Catton family. With its immaculate cinematography, witty dialogue, and all-star cast, Saltburn promises to be a wild ride. However, while the film is often hilarious and visually stunning, it falls short in terms of its thriller elements.

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Film Review: All Of Us Strangers

The London Film Festival is known for showcasing outstanding films that leave a lasting impact on audiences. All of Us Strangers is one of the most beautiful films I’ve ever seen and is my highlight of LFF 2023. Directed by Andrew Haigh, this mesmerising piece of cinema offers a powerful and emotional exploration of love, grief, and the healing power of human connection.

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