Wreck Series 2, the highly anticipated follow-up to the critically acclaimed first series, is ready to set our screens on fire with its thrilling plotline and diverse cast. The series, known for its unique fusion of comedy and horror, is all set to give its audience a rollercoaster ride full of suspense, laughter, and unexpected turns. Queerly’s Harvey Morton sat down with Wreck series Writer and Creator, Ryan J. Brown and cast members Sam Buttery and Miya Ocego on Harvey’s Brunch Club to chat about the new series. Listen to the full interview below:

Wreck Series 2: Ryan J. Brown, Sam Buttery and Miya Ocego on Harvey's Brunch Club

by Queerly Radio | Harvey's Brunch Club

The second series picks up six months after the gripping finale of the first season. The audience will be reunited with Jamie (played by Oscar Kennedy) and Vivian (portrayed by Thaddea Graham), along with their ragtag group of survivors. Their mission? To take down Velorum, the devious corporate entity responsible for the terrifying events of the first series.

A New Adventure Unfolds

In this daring venture, the group infiltrates Velorum’s latest endeavour – an exclusive ‘wellness’ festival for millionaires, set in the picturesque Slovenian countryside. As they delve deeper into the secrets of the festival, their bonds are tested, relationships are strained, and a chilling reality unfolds. Amidst the glamour and grandeur of the festival, tension mounts and blood spills. The group soon realises that their mission is not just about survival, but also about exposing the dark underbelly of the wellness industry.

A Blood-Soaked Journey

“Episode 1 (of Series 2) is quite a blood bath, I think we have more deaths in the first episode of Series 2 than the whole of Series 1″ reveals Ryan J. Brown, the creator of the series. This statement sets the tone for the rest of the series, hinting at the high-stakes, blood-soaked journey that awaits the audience.

The Cast: Familiar Faces and New Entrants

Wreck Series 2 boasts an impressive ensemble cast, combining the talents of familiar faces from the first series with some exciting new additions.

L-R: Alice Nokes as Sophia, Orlando Norman as Ben, Amber Grappy as Lauren, Thaddea Graham as Vivian, Oscar Kennedy as Jamie, Miya Ocego as Rosie and Peter Claffey as Cormac.

Pictured left to right: Alice Nokes as Sophia, Orlando Norman as Ben, Amber Grappy as Lauren, Thaddea Graham as Vivian, Oscar Kennedy as Jamie, Miya Ocego as Rosie and Peter Claffey as Cormac. Courtesy of BBC/Euston Films.

Returning to the series are Oscar Kennedy (Ladhood), Thaddea Graham (Sex Education), Jodie Tyack (Noughts + Crosses), Anthony Rickman (Enola Holmes), and Amber Grappy (One Day). They are joined by other repertory members including Peter Claffey (Bad Sisters), Miya Ocego, Warren James Dunning, Alice Nokes, James Phoon (Bridgerton), Ali Hardman, Rory O’Neill (Panti), and Harriet Webb (Big Boys).

New Cast Members

Alan Dale (Lost), a screen legend, joins the cast for Wreck Series 2, along with other new members like Phil Martin, Orlando Norman, Shaheen Jafargholi (EastEnders), Sam Buttery, Greg Austin (Hunters), Carolyn Bracken (You Are Not My Mother), Niamh Walsh (The Sandman), Buck Braithwaite (Fair Play), and Bradley Riches (Heartstopper).

Wreck Series 2: A Celebration of Diversity

Wreck Series 2 stands out not just for its engaging storyline and talented cast, but also for its celebration of diversity. The show’s creator, Ryan J. Brown, emphasises that the representation in Wreck is “different and refreshing”, adding that “it’s not about that which is why it works. It’s not the stories you see time and time again on screen.”

Breaking Stereotypes

Cher impersonator, Rosie, is played brilliantly by Miya Ocego, a gifted transgender actor who suffered bullying while struggling with her own gender identity growing up, having been assigned a male gender at birth. Miya’s transition journey began aged 11. The series also showcases a non-binary character, Jean, portrayed by theatre star Sam Buttery. These characterisations go a long way in normalising different identities.

The Power of Resilience

Ryan J. Brown also draws attention to the resilience of queer people, stating that they “have to be resilient, they’ve grown up having to look for danger in a way their straight counterparts haven’t,” making them perfect protagonists for a show like Wreck.

The Perfect Blend of Comedy and Horror

One of the unique selling points of Wreck is its seamless blend of comedy and horror. According to Ryan J. Brown, both genres are about release – they create tension and then provide a release. This makes horror an ideal playground for the imagination. The second series, with its promise of a “cleansing experience”, is set to take this blend of comedy and horror to a whole new level.

Wreck Series 2: What to Expect?

Audiences can expect an exhilarating journey full of unexpected twists and turns, punctuated by moments of laughter and horror. With its diverse cast, compelling storyline, and unique blend of comedy and horror, Wreck Series 2 promises to be bigger and bloodier than the first series.

The series, already creating a buzz for its groundbreaking representation of different identities, is also set to challenge stereotypes and inspire conversations around diversity and inclusion. As Miya Ocego aptly puts it, “different identities are not a big deal”, a sentiment that Wreck Series 2 embodies and promotes.

Excited Yet? Mark Your Calendars!

Wreck Series 2 is all set to premiere on Tuesday, 26th March, on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer