LONDON, UK – May 22, 2023 – Queerly Radio, the pioneering internet radio station for the LGBTQ+ community, is thrilled to announce the launch of its brand-new weekday morning show, ‘Queerly Breakfast with Rob Gillett’. The first broadcast will take place on Monday, 5th June 2023, from 7:30am.

Hosting this vibrant morning show is Rob Gillett, Queerly’s founder and Content Director, offering a compelling blend of music, news, culture, entertainment, and topical discussions centred around LGBTQ+ issues.

Queerly Radio launched during the first lockdowns of 2020 as a beacon of inclusion and understanding for the LGBTQ+ community, at a time when safe social spaces were severely limited and isolation was intensely felt.

“‘Queerly Breakfast’ will continue the mission I started with Queerly Radio: to create an inclusive and engaging space for our community. I have always wanted Queerly to be a place where no one feels alienated, somewhere that feels like a warm hug from a friend who just gets you,” said Rob Gillett.

‘Queerly Breakfast’ will be home to a range of regular features to keep listeners connected, informed, and entertained, including:

Streamlover: Your daily guide to the best LGBTQ+ entertainment across all media platforms.

The 5,4,3,2 Won: A daily music quiz, where listeners compete to top the charts.

The Pull Down: Your first port of call for the latest LGBTQ+ updates on social media.

Queerly’s Record of the Week: Showcasing the best in new music, celebrating both established and rising artists.

“These features are designed to engage, entertain, and inspire,” Gillett added. “Whether you’re exploring new entertainment, testing your music knowledge, or getting the latest social media buzz, Queerly Breakfast will have you covered.”

Join us for the premiere of ‘Queerly Breakfast with Rob Gillett’ on Monday, 5th June at 7:30am. You can tune in via our website at, by asking your smart speaker to “play Queerly Radio”, or on mobile apps such as TuneIn Radio, RadioFM, and myTuner Radio.