‘Orlando, My Political Biography’ takes audiences on a journey into the heart of gender, identity, and the human experience. Directed by philosopher turned filmmaker Paul B. Preciado, this great documentary hybrid takes inspiration from Virginia Woolf’s legendary novel, ‘Orlando: A Biography’. The film has already made waves on the festival circuit, winning awards like the Teddy Award: Best Documentary at the 2023 Berlinale, making an indelible impact within and beyond the LGBTQIA+ community.

The film weaves through the lives of over twenty trans and non-binary individuals, reflecting the evolving understanding of gender and the multifaceted nature of Orlando. I feel the film redefines what documentary cinema can achieve by marrying historical depth with the vibrancy of modern trans narratives.

‘Orlando, My Political Biography’ delves deep into exploring the rich tapestry of trans life and liberation, offering a fresh, contemporary context to Virginia Woolf’s timeless narrative.

The film invites viewers to connect with the “inner Orlando” that resides within each of us, promoting a deeper understanding of gender fluidity and advocating for a world where every individual can freely express their true identity. It urges viewers to reflect on their own perceptions and the societal constructs that shape them. It calls upon us to engage in a continuous dialogue about gender, identity, and rights, while highlighting the ongoing struggle and evolution within the trans community.

‘Orlando, My Political Biography’ will be released in UK and Irish Cinemas on 5th July 2024 and I’d highly recommend taking a trip to your local cinema to give it a watch.