Ella Skolimowski, the creative mind behind the show ‘Looking Cis’ playing at The Kings Head Theatre on 5th-6th July 2024 recently joined Harvey Morton on the Queerly Stage and Screen podcast to shed light on the inspiration and powerful messages behind her new production.

Ella introduced ‘Looking Cis’ as a compelling narrative set in a fictionalised reality TV competition where non-binary contestants compete for the first-ever non-binary gender recognition certificate. The live theatre show delves into the eviction interview of Ella’s character and explores the complexities of gender identity within the context of a highly publicised competition.

Ella Skolimowski

Ella revealed that the show was originally created for the International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival, with a focus on increasing non-binary representation within the program. She expressed her passion for addressing the fear surrounding discussions on gender identity and the need to amplify non-binary voices in the realm of queer arts programming. The production aims to ignite meaningful conversations and challenge societal perceptions about gender non-conformity.

Ella emphasised her hope that the show will empower audiences to engage in open and respectful dialogues about non-binary experiences and the broader gender debate. Drawing from previous feedback, she highlighted the positive impact the show had on audiences, opening their eyes to diverse perspectives and offering representation to those who had previously felt marginalised.

You can hear the full interview below on Queerly’s Stage and Screen podcast! If you’d like to book tickets for ‘Looking Cis’ at The Kings Head Theatre on the 5th and 6th of July 2024, Ella generously offered discount codes for our listeners, with options for a 20% discount (CIS20) or a 2-for-1 deal (CIS2FOR1). Book your tickets here via the Kings Head Theatre website and use the discount codes at the checkout.