Linus Karp and Joseph Martin | Photo Credit: Conor Harris

Linus Karp and Joseph Martin have brought their unique and inclusive theatre production company into the limelight with their hit show, ‘Diana: The Untold and Untrue Story‘. The duo recently shared their journey and insights with Harvey Morton on Queerly Radio, shedding light on their creative process and the upcoming royal visit of their show to The Kings Head Theatre from 17th April to 5th May 2024. You can listen to the full interview from Harvey’s Brunch Club below:

Linus Karp and Joseph Martin chat 'Diana: The Untold and Untrue Story' on Queerly Radio

by Queerly Radio | Harvey's Brunch Club

Unveiling the Untold Tale of Diana

The show, ‘Diana: The Untold and Untrue Story‘, offers an unconventional and entertaining perspective on the life of Princess Diana. Combining drag, multimedia, audience interaction, puppetry, and a lot of queer joy, this production is a hilarious and tasteful celebration of the people’s princess. Created by Awkward Productions and written and performed by Linus Karp, the show has received support from the Arts Council England.

From Birthday Present to Fringe Sensation

The genesis of the show traces back to a birthday present for Joseph’s mother, a devoted Diana fan. What started as a small tribute quickly evolved into a full-fledged theatrical production. The duo’s creative collaboration and playful approach have infused the show with love, silliness, and heartfelt moments, making it a truly unique experience for the audience.

Creative Evolution and Collaboration

Linus and Joseph’s creative journey has been marked by continuous evolution and collaborative spirit. They emphasised the freedom of being both the writers and performers, allowing them to adapt and refine the show as they go along. Their ability to incorporate current events and multimedia elements has kept the production fresh, relevant, and engaging.

The Couple Behind the Curtain

As a couple both on and off stage, Linus and Joseph bring their deep understanding of each other into their work. Their lighthearted and joyous approach to their productions reflects the harmony and understanding they have developed over their eight-and-a-half-year relationship.

Looking Ahead

With the show set to make a royal visit to The Kings Head Theatre in London from 17th April – 5th May 2024 following its sold-out, award-winning run at the Edinburgh Fringe, Linus and Joseph are committed to delivering their best performances while prioritising self-care and rest during their busy schedule. Their unique perspective and genuine tribute to Princess Diana continues to captivate audiences, setting their production apart from traditional renditions of the beloved icon’s story.

‘Diana: The Untold and Untrue Story’ stands as a testament to the creative prowess and joyful spirit of Linus Karp and Joseph Martin, offering audiences a truly one-of-a-kind theatrical experience that celebrates the enduring legacy of Princess Diana.

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