The talented writer and actor, Andrew Meikle recently sat down for a chat with Harvey Morton on Queerly’s Stage and Screen podcast to discuss the highly anticipated second season of ‘Two Brothers’ premiering on OUTflix on 3rd July 2024. The podcast episode offers an insightful look into the making of the show and what audiences can expect from the upcoming season.

In the interview, Andrew shared his excitement about the show and what viewers can anticipate in the new season. He described ‘Two Brothers’ as a compelling story about fraternal twin brothers who are visible minorities, navigating life in a small town. One brother is gay, and the other is straight, and the show delves into their individual and shared challenges, making it a relatable and engaging series for a diverse audience.

When asked about the inspiration behind ‘Two Brothers’, Andrew mentioned his admiration for screenwriter Kevin Williamson, known for his work on ‘Scream’, ‘Dawson’s Creek’ and ‘The Vampire Diaries’. He expressed his passion for horror and drama, citing Williamson as a significant influence on his career. Andrew also highlighted the lack of mentorship in his journey, emphasising his self-taught approach to filmmaking, which adds a personal touch to the show’s creation.

Two Brothers | Streaming on OUTflix from 3rd July 2024.
Two Brothers | Streaming on OUTflix from 3rd July 2024.

Andrew Meikle also shared a heartwarming behind-the-scenes moment from filming the second season, where a co-star helped him with his hair, capturing a beautiful and genuine interaction that reflects the camaraderie on set.

The interview delved into the themes and topics covered in the new season, including the exploration of PTSD and family acceptance. Andrew emphasised the importance of portraying the aftermath of significant events from the first season realistically, aiming to evoke raw emotions and genuine experiences from the characters.

Andrew discussed his decision to step into the role of Aaron in ‘Two Brothers’, shedding light on the challenges he faced during the casting process and the personal connection he felt with the character. His dedication to the project and the depth of his involvement as both a writer and actor adds a layer of authenticity to the series.

As the interview drew to a close, Andrew offered advice to listeners who may be struggling with self-acceptance, emphasising the significance of taking time to find yourself and seeking support within the community. He also hinted at the possibility of a third season of ‘Two Brothers’, leaving fans eager for more. Listen to the full interview below:

‘Two Brothers’ Season 2 is set to premiere on OUTflix in the UK and OUTtv in the US on the 3rd of July.