About Us

Queerly is an LGBTQ+ radio station and digital media brand dedicated to creating a welcoming space for everyone in the community. Our mission is to offer a pop music station that provides comfort and companionship, free from the heteronormative biases often found in mainstream radio. On social media, we aim to deliver the latest queer pop culture updates in bite-sized form, from breaking news to trailer releases and magazine cover reveals. Queerly is your one-stop shop to stay updated, entertained, and connected.

Rob Gillett | Founder of Queerly

Founder's Statement

As the founder of Queerly, I envisioned a place where no one in the LGBTQ+ community would feel alienated. Mainstream radio can often enhance feelings of isolation for queer individuals, but at Queerly, we aim to provide comfort and company through our broadcasts. Our commitment is to be fun, informative, and inclusive, ensuring that every listener feels welcomed and valued. We are proud to be a non-profit organisation that prioritises the needs of our community over advertisers or shareholders.
Rob Gillett


Get Involved

Queerly thrives because of the support and involvement of our community. Whether you’re interested in contributing content, volunteering, or simply sharing your feedback, we welcome you with open arms. Join us in our mission to create a more inclusive and entertaining space for everyone. Your participation helps us grow and continue to provide the best experience for all our listeners and followers.

About Queerly Radio